"The Dynaflux Alternator Is One Of The Amazing Machines Invented By Jim Murray. It Demonstrates That Electricity Can Be Produced Without Making The Generator Harder To Turn! This Proves That Electricity Can Be Generated At Much Higher Efficiencies Than Is Commonly Believed. It Even Leads To The Understanding Of My SERPS Device That Demonstrated
47 TIMES THE INPUT at the 2014 Energy Conference!

Revealed: Multiple methods to produce power gains and energy gains in electro-mechanical machines and solid-state circuits. Previously, this material had only been available to investors who had signed Non-Disclosure Agreements!

Dynaflux Alternator™




Jim Murray - Reactive Power

Jim Murray is a research engineer with 30 years of experience in the field of electrical power management and experimental mechanics. He is one of the only people in history to be granted a US Patent on a "no back EMF" electric generator. His research covers power resonance in both electrical and mechanical systems, as well as "torque multipliers" and other amazing discoveries.

Conference Series
2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference


From: Jim Murray
Re: Dynaflux Alternator

Dear Friend,

I am extremely happy to finally be releasing this information to the public. You see, for over 40 years I have been running fundamental experiments on the nature of electrical and mechanical energy. The reseults of these experiments were always considered as the "proprietary property" of my investors, but in the end, none of them stayed around long enough to see the final results! So now I am free to share all of these amazing discoveries with all of you.

The Dynaflux Concept & Lenz's Law by Jim MurrayAt the 2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference, I gave a presentation called The Dynaflux Concept and Lenz's Law. For the first time ever, many of the secrets to the Dynaflux Alternator are revealed including details that were intentionally left out of the patent!

If you want a disclosure on an electrical generator that has been tested to output over 2.5 times the amount of electricity compared to a normal generator turned by the same motor - here it is!

If you watched the YouTube video directly above, that isn't the Overunity demonstration but you can see it lighting 2 incandescent bulbs without giving any significant load to the prime mover! That means, the Dynaflux Alternator is able to output electricity without bogging down the motor running it. This is one of the most vaulable machines developed in this entire field.

Although the presentation is somewhat technical, I laid it out in a way that even those with basic technical backgrounds can understand the main points. This package is one of the best "Proofs" you'll ever get that the way they teach electrical engineering in College is not even close to being the full story!

Dynaflux Alternator by Jim MurrayThe next film in this collection is a demonstration I gave in Japan to a group of investors. You will see, everyone was really excited at the time, but in the end, no one actually invested in the technology because it was too far ahead of its time.

This film definitely shows a very dramatic demonstration of my Solid-State power multiplier ever recorded. That solid-state demonstration is known as the S.E.R.P.S. technology, which stands for the Switched Energy Resonance Power Supply.

It shows an electric heating element running on 100 watts while the input of the circuit is only drawing 5 watts from the wall! I know, without understanding the technology, that claim is pretty hard to believe. But I'm so sure you'll be interested in this, that I have put a clip of this part of the film on YouTube. It's titled "COP 20.0 (2000%) Reactive Power as Energy Source". Go ahead and watch the video below before reading on... but with Paul Babcock's improvements on the switching, we demonstrated a COP of 47 at the 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference.

I hope you liked that! What it shows is that WORK can be accomplished in a circuit, even if all we are doing is "borrowing electricity and returning it to it's source." Years ago, the Dynaflux Generator was the first machine I designed that demonstrated these effects. Now that I'm releasing all of this information, I thought you might like to learn the history of this new technology and dig into the origins that made it possible. Please allow me to explain a little more about what's in this one-of-a-kind information package.

The third film is an amazing "Tour" of my laboratory and a demonstration of 6 of my most important inventions. These include a demonstration of a model of the Dynaflux Alternator, the Transforming Generator, the S.E.R.P.S. circuit, the Toroidal Motor, the DC Dynaflux Motor and finally, the AC Dynaflux Motor.

Each of these machines were designed to demonstrate a specific property of electro-mechanical interaction, and each and every one of them successfully shows a way to create power gains during the electro-mechanical energy transformations. Watching these demonstrations is a lot like shreading your beliefs in energy scarcity!

During the "Tour," I introduce you to the technologies, run the demonstrations, and explain the meaning of the results. Honestly, I have never seen another inventor do this for the education of the public! It's like giving you the beginnings of an advanced degree course in electric motor and generator theory, without the insanely high tuition.

And finally, to round out your understanding of these amazing inventions, I am even including a file with ALL 15 of my US and International Patents and Patent Applications, so you can learn the deeper details and official "claims" I was granted for these machines.

Basically, I'm giving you access to the better part of my "life's work" that cost my investors more than $3 million over 30 years to bring to this level of development!

By studying the patents and watching the demonstrations over and over a couple of times, you'll keep learning more about these machines for quite some time - the Dynaflux Concept presentation discloses missing details from the Dynaflux Alternator patent!



A copy of the "Japanese Investor" film that shocked the potential investors - they realized that they would be unable to implement the technologies because they are too far ahead of their time! This is the film where I show the S.E.R.P.S. circuit operating at 2000% efficiency!
A copy of the "Lab Tour" film that I normally would only show to people who had signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement. In this film I demonstrate 6 of my inventions and explain exactly what they do to create excess energy and power.
A complete set of my US and International Patents and Patent Applications, so you can study the inner workings of the various machines you see demonstrated in the two films.


The most important SECRET to making the Dynaflux Alternator work.
Details that were intentionally left out of the patents revealed for the first time ever!
A in-depth discussion of many of the principles in the Dynaflux Alternator that have not been disclosed elsewhere.

With over $3 MILLION invested in my machines, I could easily charge a small fortune for this information, but I believe it is time to help move the energy sciences forward because of the current state of the world.



"First, I have been interested and involved in research, development and creation of some motors and/or generator since 1985 (or so...) Second, I do believe that there is God and then, Jesus and then Nikola Tesla! Third, as my nickname is "oldschoolbob", and hearing the experience of this guy, I was already enjoying that stuff. I took a great decision few months ago when I joined "the gang" and this last purchase just gave me reason to think it was a great decision.
Thank's guys, I really enjoy and I would love to live near by... Your french best fan." - Robert Boivin

"James Murray has been a researcher in this field for many years and he provided a historical perspective of the evolution of the Dynaflux Generator along with many historical side notes. The talk itself was very comprehensive, giving many design details of the generator through a liberal use of slides, diagrams and equations. Very much respect this researcher and his lifelong commitment to opening up access to devices that produce a net power magnification. Very impressive with a great historical context. Somehow, did not have the opportunity to pigeon hole him with questions – he was always surrounded by conference participants peppering him with questions. Truly appreciate his style and technical competence. Thumbs Up!" - Yaro S.

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